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White Clay Nursing Home

This nursing home is a 60-bed facility offering 48 semi-private rooms and 12 private rooms. The design incorporates space for a future 20-bed memory care wing. Residents and families can enjoy a large stone fireplace in the café, visit  one of the six lounges throughout the building, or take in a movie in the 20-seat movie theater. The nursing home boasts a multi-purpose room lit by 2-story glass windows for large gatherings and ceremonies. A state-of-the-art physical therapy suite allows residents to work with their therapists without having to leave the facility.

Currently there are over 300 Oglala Sioux that live in nursing homes off of tribal land. A major goal of the tribe is to bring their elders home and be close to family and friends by constructing a new 50,000 square foot facility that provides skilled nursing services in a comfortable setting.


Whiteclay, NE



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